This new Xiaomi smart speaker can also control non-smart devices

Xiaomi has added a new smart speaker to its product lineup in India. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control looks a bit similar to its first-gen smart speaker; however, it has a large LED clock and a built-in IT blaster that can help users to voice control non-smart appliances in their homes.

The new smart speaker released without much fanfare is available for purchase on Xiaomi’s official website (opens in new tab) for Rs. 4,999. By comparison, Xiaomi’s first-generation smart speaker retails for Rs. 3,999 in the country.

As of right now, we’re not sure if the speaker will be available on any other ecommerce platforms, however, as Amazon is hosting a Prime Day Sale soon, we might see this listed on Amazon soon.

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

The new Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control has a large LED digital clock display. This is a useful upgrade in terms of design as it can also double as a desktop clock. As per the description on the website, the watch is able to automatically adjust brightness to room light and also has a DND mode to completely hide the time while you sleep at night.

Going by what we see on the Xioami website, this speaker comes with a 1.5-inch full-range speaker and some far-field microphones with voice activation support. Also, the speaker can be paired with another similar speaker to produce stereo sound.

Xiaomi smart speaker IR control

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

It also has four physical buttons on the top to control the volume, mute the microphone and change the track. However, the most important trick of this speaker is the IR blaster, which can help you control any dumb electronic gadget in your house that can be operated by an IR remote.

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