The Last of Us 2 multiplayer is now a standalone game

Naughty Dog is working on a standalone multiplayer game, after turning the prototype of The Last of Us 2’s online mode into a full-fledged title.

Speaking at Summer Games Fest 2022, The Last of Us 2 co-director Neil Druckmann said the game’s in-development multiplayer mode has been converted to a standalone game to meet the team’s ambitious visions. After two years of development, the studio’s concept of the game mode has grown to the point where they believe the title can exist as an entity of its own.

A single piece of concept art for the game was shared during the showcase. The upcoming multiplayer title will still be based on The Last of Us universe, and Druckmann said it’s as big as any of Naughty Dog’s single-player games. It will also have a central plot.

(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

The as-yet-unnamed multiplayer title will feature a new cast of characters and a city that hasn’t appeared in The Last of Us series before. Druckmann said his story will be told in a unique way for the game, and veterans of the Uncharted and The Last of Us series are working on the project.

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