The best deal on Verizon isn’t the iPhone 14 right now – it’s the 13 mini

Eyeing that shiny new iPhone 14? Here’s a tip – if you’re looking for a Verizon device specifically, it’s definitely not the best value option right now. Our choice? It has to be the iPhone 13 mini, which currently free with an unlimited line (opens in new tab).

Maybe we’re comparing apples to oranges here, but hear us out. Compared to the current iPhone 14 deal from up to $800 off with an exchange and unlimited plan (opens in new tab), the iPhone 13 mini promotion really stands out as a more flexible option. Especially if you’re running an older device that won’t yield much in a trade.

Sure, the iPhone 13 mini is a smaller device, but it’s essentially identical to the iPhone 14 in many ways. The chip is the same, the design is the same, and the screen is the same. It’s basically the same device, with a few camera tweaks here and there. In short, it’s a device that still holds up with the best in 2022.

If you prefer a larger device, the standard iPhone 13 is also worth checking out, which is currently for $5 a month with an unlimited data plan (opens in new tab) on Verizon. Again, no swaps are required here, so it’s a really flexible option if you’re on an older device these days. We wouldn’t rank it above the iPhone 13 mini when it comes to total carrier value, but getting such a powerful device for just $180 (over 36 months) is definitely a steal. As always, though, consider the expensive unlimited data plans if you’re interested in any of these Verizon offerings.

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iPhone 13 mini is free on Verizon

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