Save over £90 on the latest Samsung cordless vacuum while it lasts

We’ve spied with our home appliance eye that there’s a selection of deals on a lineup of new Samsung cordless vacuums right now, which includes one we’ve had our own hands on recently. The Samsung Bespoke Jet’s price has been reduced by 15%, meaning you can save up to £127.35 on one of the latest vacuum cleaners. You can also save 50% on vacuum cleaner accessories and enjoy free delivery too. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best deals on vacuum cleaners in your area.)

We like the sound of this business because it’s one of the best newer vacuum cleaners (opens in new tab) made available to you and me. It was released earlier this year and in our review of the Samsung Bespoke Jet (opens in new tab), we highlight that it is a powerful vacuum cleaner that can also mop and empty itself in its own trash can. So we’re pretty confident that this will revolutionize the way you go about your weekly or twice-weekly vacuum cleaning rounds at your home.

This isn’t just a vacuum cleaner we’re talking about. Oh no. There are three in the mix with prices starting at £534.65 (valued at £629) that go all the way up to £721.65 (valued at £849). There’s no difference in specification, but what’s different between them is what’s inside the box. Starting at the lowest of the price range to work, the full bespoke jet (opens in new tab) (in misty white) comes with one battery instead of two, no rotary sweeper, and therefore no antibacterial reusable pads or disposable wet pads – but it does come with a fine action brush for use on hard floors. whereas the Extra Complete Tailored Jet (opens in new tab) (in a delightful woody green) comes with both batteries, but no swivel sweeper or pads. And since the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra comes with everything, it’s now not so surprising that it’s out of stock on, so keep checking to see if this is something you really want.

Today’s Samsung Bespoke Jet Live Deals

In testing, we found that the best feature of the Bespoke Jet range is the clean season. One of our biggest bug bears is that when you go to empty a bagless vacuum, it empties it back onto the floor, albeit in a more concentrated space. Having a dedicated space that looks clean and hygienically disposes of freshly vacuumed debris is a relief for allergy sufferers and those obsessed with having a clean home.

Although it does come with a couple of bags for a head start, you’ll need to continue to buy those that we found it at Samsung UK for £19 (opens in new tab) if you want to commit to using the vacuum cleaner as your main vacuum at home.

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