OnePlus may be confusing users with the upcoming Nord Buds CE

The OnePlus Nord series will receive another Core Edition product in its lineup. OnePlus teased the release of Nord Buds CE. The company has already created a product page for the headphones and there are a few things we’ve noticed.

The successor to the OnePlus Nord Buds, the new Core Edition model may not receive the most powerful hardware. From the teaser image that was shown, it looks like the headphones will be outdoors like the first-gen AirPods. There do not appear to be any silicone ear tips depicted in the picture.

The budget TWS headphones can retain the touch sensor on the side of the temples for volume control and invade the virtual assistants. The image also shows that the TWS headphones have a microphone on top. This can be to eliminate background sounds during calls.

(Image credit: OnePlus)

While this is all about the hardware and features, we can be sure that the OnePlus Nord Buds CE will come with a plastic build. Headphones can be shiny like Nord Buds. Another image seen on the product page shows that the earbuds may have a longer stem similar to the OnePlus Buds Z2. In addition, we can have a charging case like the Pixel Buds Pro.

The company also teased the price of budget TWS headphones in its web site (opens in new tab). As per the product header image, the OnePlus Nord Buds CE can cost Rs 2,099. The company withheld one of the numbers. And the price can’t go anywhere but lower than the existing price of Rs 2,599 for the OnePlus Nord Buds.

OnePlus Nord Buds CE will launch in India

(Image credit: OnePlus)

Many other features such as the audio driver specs, battery charging and life and its design will be fully revealed in the coming days. As the final features are revealed on July 28th, we expect the headphones to launch alongside the OnePlus 10T on August 3rd.

Too early for a major issue of TWS?

OnePlus Nord Buds headphones in Marble White.  The top of the headphones are the capacitive touch sensors.

(Image credit: Future / Sachin George)

The original Nord Buds have only been released for a while now. And it looks like it’s too early for another budget TWS headset from the company. What we can’t understand is why the company wants to fix something that isn’t broken in their product line.

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