Up to $250 M1 MacBook Pro Deals for the 4th of July

If you’re looking for a new laptop and want to run with Apple instead of a Windows laptop, the M1 MacBook Pro might be the choice for you. The latest MacBook Pro deals from Amazon and Best Buy currently have all three sizes – that’s the 13-inch (opens in new tab), 14 inches (opens in new tab)and thick 16 inch models (opens in new tab) – on sale with discounts of up to $250.

This is part of the wider July 4th sales on amazon (opens in new tab) and Best buy (opens in new tab), which offer deep discounts on tech products and beyond, from laptops to hand mixers. The MacBook Pro offerings presented here are available with a few different internal configurations; if you want more storage, you can get one with a 1TB SSD.

Like the ‘Pro’ models with larger screen and more processing options (these MacBook Pros use Apple’s powerful M1 Pro processor), they are a little more expensive than conventional MacBooks, but represent an excellent laptop choice for professionals who need a portable, powerful device for anything from digital art to video editing.

For $1,049.99 (opens in new tab), the most compact 13-inch entry-level model enjoys the biggest discount, with $250 off the original Best Buy price. Inside our review, we highlight its incredible performance and great battery life, along with the wonderful Magic Keyboard now present in every MacBook Pro. It’s worth noting that this offer is only available at Best Buy; Amazon has the larger models for sale.

Other models seem to share the same $200 discount, which is still nothing to sneeze at considering these are very premium laptops. the muscular 16 inch model is a good choice for anyone who wants as much display space as possible, while the 14 inch version provides a comfortable middle ground that sits on top of our best macbooks List.

While these are all good deals, remember that Amazon Prime Day is just days away, and these MacBook Pro models have a little lower prices on rare occasions in the past. Today’s prices are fantastic, but it’s not a bad idea to wait until Prime Day if you’re willing to take the risk.

Outside the US? Check out the best MacBook Pro deals in your region below.

Today’s Best MacBook Pro Deals

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