I really need Audio Pro’s amazing Rose Gold Bluetooth Speakers Collaboration

Forget the weird Bang & Olufsen x Balenciaga speaker bag, Audio Pro x Andreas Wargenbrant is the audio expert x artist collaboration I want to see. Essentially, it’s a luxurious rose gold and sophisticated black edition of the Audio Pro’s Addon T3 + Bluetooth Speaker – and how Audio Pro makes some of the finest, most talented, retro-styled, leather-handled Bluetooth speakers and sonically gifted I’ve ever heard, this is the beautiful icing on the driver stuffed cake.

In case you didn’t know (and that’s ok! Every day is a learning day: a team member just learned the difference between Holland and Holland just now), Andreas Wargenbrant is an artist, entrepreneur and much, much more. He manages to get more done in a year than some of us do in a lifetime – always thinking outside the box (see what he did there?).

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