Massive DJI Avata Leaks Still Don’t Answer My Biggest Drone Question

Thanks to a flurry of new leaks, the DJI Avata drone has been almost completely debunked. However, aside from a few small details, my big question remains unanswered – who exactly will DJI’s mini FPV drone be for?

The Avata is, by now quite clear, a small ‘cinewhoop’ version of their current DJI FPV drone. A leaked image of the Avatar box from @DealsDrone (opens in new tab) shows that promises an “immersive flight experience” thanks to its new DJI Goggles 2 headset, as well as “4K stabilized video”, a “palm-in-hand and agile” build, compatibility with a “motion controller” and ” HD low-latency transmission”.

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