Fujifilm may finally be ready to fix the worst of its mirrorless cameras

Fujifilm cameras are well represented in our guide to the best mirrorless cameras, but rumors suggest the company may finally be about to fix one of its biggest weaknesses – the Fujifilm smartphone app.

According to the trusted Fuji rumors (opens in new tab), a “reliable source” told the site that “Fujifilm is working on a new Camera Remote app”. And it’s time too, with the existing smartphone app scoring an average of just 1.7 stars on the Google Play Store and just 1.4 stars on Apple’s App Store.

The main complaints about Fujifilm’s smartphone app, which lets you transfer images to your phone and remotely control your mirrorless camera, are unreliable connectivity, slow performance, and limited image format support. While our experience wasn’t as bad as some of these reviews, the app is one of the weakest parts of Fuji’s polished cameras.

(Image credit: Fujifilm)

However, the news comes with a note of caution from Fuji Rumours. Fujifilm has previously released major overhauls of its app, most notably in February 2019, that actually did little to improve the overall experience, and arguably made it worse.

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