Could Intel scare AMD off with this Arc GPU for under $100?

The launch of Intel’s GPU Arc was a messy, staggered process, beset on all sides by delays and leaks. But the Arc A380 discrete desktop board is finally about to launch in the US market, starting at $129, and some new information has suggested it might not be the most cost-effective desktop GPU Intel has in the works.

Alexey Nikolaychuk, the developer behind MSI Afterburner, has posted an image of an unannounced Intel Arc A3 GPU that will use a single I/O slot and draw power directly from the motherboard’s PCIe slot, meaning it doesn’t need additional power cables. That seems to put it squarely in competition with AMD’s Radeon RX 6400, which retails for $159.

The as-yet-unnamed Arc GPU (which will likely be an A320 or A310) is estimated to be around $300, and we still don’t know what that will be – the version Nikolaychuk photographed has aftermarket 3D. printed cooler attached to it – but we can assume it will be a “low-profile” GPU that can easily fit into compact PC cases.

The unnamed Arc GPU is massively smaller than current-gen RTX cards. (Image credit: Ilya Korneychuk/Twitter)

Analysis: Can Intel conquer the low-end GPU market?

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