Bitcoin tank? RTX 4080 late? Time to sit back and relax if you ask me

So it looks like Nvidia’s long-awaited Lovelace GPUs might not make it to even later in the year, if current rumors are to be believed. It’s not even necessarily because RTX 4000 not ready to be released; it has been suggested that high-end graphics cards may arrive later due to the existing stock of RTX 3000 cards that Nvidia wants to change before releasing its new GPUs.

The reason for this supposed surplus of current-generation GeForce cards is, of course, the cryptocurrency market crash, which has led to massive sales of mining GPUs and a general drop in Nvidia sales. If this is indeed the case (and it’s mostly speculation right now, so take this with a pinch of salt) then I ask, I beg, I to beg you don’t buy a GPU until later this year – at least not at full price, okay?

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