Apple Watch patent points to Touch ID – but don’t get your hopes up

Upcoming Apple Watch models like the Apple Watch 8 and the alleged Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition may have bigger screens, body temperature sensors and more, but one thing we don’t currently expect is a fingerprint sensor. However, there is some evidence to suggest that future models may include this feature.

patented apple (opens in new tab) discovered that Apple was recently granted a patent (opens in new tab) for such a sensor. Specifically, the patent details a Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the side button of the Apple Watch.

This button is currently used for – among other things – Apple Pay, so creating a fingerprint sensor might make sense as it can securely and seamlessly verify your identity without adding extra steps to the Apple Pay process.

(Image credit: Patently Apple/USPTO)

The patent highlights all typical fingerprint sensor applications as possible use cases, including unlocking a device, identifying the user, and authorizing transactions or downloading applications.

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