This Big Cloud Storage Company Has Some Mega Security Issues

One of the most popular cloud storage in the world (opens in new tab) service providers carried several serious vulnerabilities that allowed threat actors to read even (opens in new tab) files, researchers found.

A team at ETH Zurich discovered five vulnerabilities in the Mega platform that revolve around stealing and decrypting an RSA key (a private key based on the RSA algorithm).

Microsoft 365 Update Will Let Your Boss Stop You From Emailing People You Shouldn’t

Microsoft has released a new feature for Office 365, allowing administrators to prevent users from sending emails to blocked addresses.

The feature, called Tenant Allow Block List, previously only prevented users from receiving emails from selected senders.

AMD FSR 2.0 source code has been released – as are the knives for Nvidia DLSS

AMD has made the source code of FSR 2.0 (FidelityFX Super Resolution) public, which means any developer can now use frame rate boosting technology in their games.

AMD’s FSR 2.0 is the company’s rival to the Nvidia DLSS, and that’s clearly good news in terms of getting more games up and running with the technology. The small caveat here is that Team Red pushed all the materials (opens in new tab) needed to work with DX12 and Vulkan games, but not DX11 (if you want to go this route you will need to contact AMD directly as Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab) reports).

Zoom is going through some serious changes that you might really like

Zoom has revealed its latest step towards becoming a complete communication platform.

Far from just providing video conferencing, the company is now looking to provide a range of tools in its new Zoom One offering.

iOS 16 beta 2 arrives with more improvements for messages and backups

Apple released updates for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and watchOS 9 developer betas this week (June 22), where there were some bug fixes and refinements to the new features announced at WWDC.

While the Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 has seen some improvements, making it easier to resize windows and hide the dock, the Messages app is taking older versions of the software into account when editing messages.

Microsoft no longer wants AI to recognize its emotions – especially

Microsoft is updating its responsible AI standard and has revealed that it is retiring Azure Face’s (for the most part) emotional and facial recognition abilities.

O Responsible AI Standard (opens in new tab) is Microsoft’s internal ruleset when it comes to building AI systems. The company wants AI to be a positive force in the world and never be misused by bad actors. It’s a pattern that has never been shared with the public before. However, with this new change, Microsoft decided that now would be the time.

I’m glad the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 16 was scrapped

Final Fantasy 16 is shaping up to be one of the biggest PS5 exclusives, but according to producer Naoki Yoshida, it could be on PS4 too.

Yoshida was recently interviewed about Final Fantasy 16 by the Japanese publication famitsu (opens in new tab), following the release of the latest FF16 trailer during Sony’s State of Play earlier this month. Suggesting that the trailer received a better response than expected, Famitsu asked how Yoshida felt about the response given to the 2020 FF16 reveal trailer. PS4 was being considered.

The battle between MediaTek and Qualcomm is heating up By Joel Khalili published 23 Jun 22 Pro MediaTek has just released its most powerful mobile chipset to date.

The battle between MediaTek and Qualcomm is heating up By Joel Khalili published 23 Jun 22 Pro MediaTek has just released its most powerful mobile chipset to date.

Mullvad VPN eliminates recurring subscriptions in the name of privacy

If you’re reading about VPN services, you probably care about your privacy online. You can even opt for one of the best VPNs to ensure your data is protected by a strict no-logs policy. However, there is always any information that needs to be stored to keep your monthly plan running.

That’s why Mullvad made the decision to completely remove the ability to create new signatures – all in the name of storing less data about your users.

Microsoft Edge Update Will Eliminate A Very Common Frustration For Web Users

Getting access to some of Microsoft Edge’s most popular online tools should be easier than ever, thanks to a new update.

The company revealed that it is working on an update to its browser that will give users quick access to their favorite tools right from the sidebar of Microsoft Edge.